Monday, October 25, 2004


FCC Chairman Powell recently gave the government another tool in controlling communication and free speech by approving broad band over powerlines (BPL). Even though you may feel that this doesn't pertain to you, it does and it is a serious infringement on Americans' ability to communicate with each other freely. Granted it could be argued that he just caved into corporate interest, but considering that other countries such as Japan and Germany already tried it and discontinued it because it jams shortwave, cb, and ham radio the question arises, why approve it? This is a large step towards the government controlling all private communications.

Another issue involved with BPL is privacy and the 4th Amendment. Surveillance devices can know be attached anywhere there's a power line servicing any building or property. It wouldn't require too much effort to install a device and monitor the area or entire building via the internet. You can bet on it that they'll abuse this, too.

I also recently posted the following question on the ACLU Forum thread "Patriot Act:" Is there anyone, besides myself, getting the following message when they access the ACLU forums:
"Security Error: Domain Name Mismatch. You have attempted to establish a is possible, though unlikely, that someone may be trying to intercept you communication with this website."

I'm still receiving that message plus I can no longer post to the ACLU messageboard. I notified the Forums Moderator of my concern.