Saturday, January 08, 2005


Wow! again, just a few minutes ago I had a first. Years ago when I lived in the Mid Atlantic electrical surges knocked out my computer (despite a three surge protector array) and even my transitor radio tuned to a rap station which I had taped to the window for the benefit of the laser bug. This incident wasn't as dramatic, but even as a non-techie it impressed me even more. Approximately around 8:20 a.m. Central the computer began acting strange and the ceiling lights flickered on and off. Discounting the paranormal, I watched in awe for about 10 seconds or so, but I didn't wait to see where this was going, so I pulled the phone line plug from the jack (dial up modem). I was checking the rbnlive website at the time. I've had a lot of weird stuff happen over the years, but what impressed me about this incident was its accuracy. Wow! It didn't effect any of the lights in the rest of the house or even the radio that was playing in the great room. Ghosts in the telephone line, perhaps?