Friday, March 04, 2005

FL Attorney General Charlie Crist and Safety Net

FL Attorney General Charlie Crist wrote the following in his Feb. 18, 2005 newsletter about Safety Net, which is a national program to expand the use of high-tech tools to protect domestic violence victims here in Florida:

"In the right hands, modern technology can be a wonderful tool. But in
the wrong hands, it can become weapon unleashed by aggressors against
the most vulnerable among us."

Amen to that!

AG Crist continued: "Not only will the program educate victims, but it will also educate those who can protect and aid those victims - such as law enforcement
officers, victim advocates and emergency care personnel."


"Now law enforcement officers will receive training on how to identify
and hold perpetrators accountable for misusing technology to terrorize

Right on! Can't argue with that. However, I'd appreciate it if Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist would answer the following if he actually practices what he preaches: What if law enforcement officers are misusing technology to terrorize and torture citizens in order to cover-up their own misconduct? Will these perpetrators be held accountable? Or, is it that the same rules that they enforce against others don't apply to them? Isn't that called a police state?