Monday, November 29, 2004

But do I get my money back?

A few months back, I mailed certified letters to both my state representative and state senator requesting both their help in introducing a joint resolution calling for an investigation of my charges by the FDLE. The USPS verified that Rep. Brown did receive my letter; however, there was some problem with the USPS verifying delivery of my letter to Sen. Peaden. This Honorable didn't help matters any because he wouldn't reply to any of my inquiries. For that matter, neither did Rep. Brown, but at least he acknowledged receiving my letter.

The USPS advised that I file a form requesting a trace to locate this "lost" letter, which I did. After a few months, I checked with the USPS and they told me to check with the Postal Inspectors, which I did a number of times. When I complained to the USPS that the Postal Inspectors haven't replied to any of my inquiries regarding my "lost" letter, the USPS told me that the Postal Inspectors don't always reply. My question as a USPS customer is: Do I at least get my money back? Maybe our mail isn't as sacrosanct as we're lead to believe. I thought that it was just the commies and other dictators that read and tampered with mail. Could this happen in the good ol' USA?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Time does more than just heal... also serves to cover-up or in government parlance “sanitize” things. The time frames vary depending upon what’s being sanitized. It can range from a couple of months to a year or more. For example, government usually waits one year- the magic number for some reason- before it formally retaliates against a whistle blower or any perceived threat. During this time, they try to document some case or create a record to justify terminating the individual. Even in the unlikely case that the whistle blower gets some help, the person goes through hell and serves as an example to the other employees. However, one year is not a hard and fast rule. If you’re perceived as any sort of threat to their public image, policies, or-heavens forbid!- pensions, the retaliatory process goes into warp speed. If you truly want to see the dead rise, just watch some bureaucrats spring to life when they have some scandal to cover-up.

Here in Holmes County, FL, the disappearance of our controversial Chief Deputy generated a lot of speculation and rumors. The latest according to reports is that he’s in Iraq, which raises the next question: Is he coming back? There have been other rumors that the former Chief Deputy, who this one replaced, is coming out of retirement to resume his former position. A number of people shook my hand and congratulated at the time of his sudden “retirement” for getting him fired. I reminded them that the local paper reported that he retired. Following the re-election of the Sheriff, the question now arises: Will he replace the current Chief Deputy with the former, and, is so, why now?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Blue dog Republicrats?

The yellow dog Democrats must have been sleeping. Although almost 72.7% of registered voters are Democrats here in Holmes County, FL, Bush received 77.25% of the vote. Holmes County usually votes Democratic, as do most other counties where registered Democrats mostly vote Democrat. However, similar trend reversals were reflected in other counties in Florida. Besides being Democratic, they all used optical-scan paper ballots. Is it just internet conspiracy theory that the vote was hacked? I don’t know, but it sure is suspicious. Then again, why would the Democrats run someone who is more to the left than even Kennedy?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Security Error?

For about the past month, I’ve received the following message whenever I visited the ACLU forums site:

Security Error: Domain Name Mismatch You have attempted to establish a connection with "". However, the security certificate presented belongs to "". It is possible, though unlikely, that someone may be trying to intercept you communications with this website."

Recently, I’ve received a similar Security Error message when I visited another web site. Why would anyone try to intercept my communications? It’s almost as silly as saying that the authorities tamper with the mail. Or that they would even arrange for a blog to be redirected so that no one can view it. They wouldn’t do that, would they?